Thursday, July 16, 2009

Days In The Sun!

Its been a while so I should really update this blog! We are very much enjoying the summer months. We are able to take many stroller rides/walks in the sunshine, shopping trips and many visits to the grandmas and grandpas in Waseca. Fynlee enjoyed her first fourth of July while being dressed up in her red, white and blue gear; she ended up falling asleep for the night before the fire works. I went back to work the end of June and things are back in full swing. I'm only working part time and its just enough to get me back into the routine of work and socializing with my clients and fellow salon co-workers. There's nothing like being in the salon :) best place to be; besides home of course :) Fynlee went for her two month check up July 8th. She received her first shots :( she was a trooper about the whole thing and did well. She is gaining weight perfectly and communicating alot; she's miss independent. Her Dr. says she ahead of herself by two months! Our genius child we call her :) We have her baptism to look forward to on July 26th in Waseca. Other than that we are just enjoying watching our little "peaches" grow into her happy/bubbly personality, and trying to visit family as much as we can! * Happy Summer*

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