Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer Love

Newest Additions to Fynlee's Room-SO CUTE :)
Snoozin with Daddy
Me & Mommy

Fynlee & Grandpa Roy

Sorry I haven't updated in a few weeks. We sure have been busy! Ian's been working alot, Fynlee and I spend our days taking walks in the stroller, watering flowers, enjoying the sunshine, and spending time with grandma Susie. This past weekend was my birthday, Ian managed to get Thursday night off and was off all day Friday. We spent Thursday night in Waseca; went out to eat and stayed at grandma Cindy's house. Friday we spent time with grandma Cindy and cousins Cade, Beckett, Laney, & Piper. :) We also payed a visit to Grandpa Roy and Delores as well as neighbor pastor Haug; who will be baptising Fynlee.
Fynlee is now sleeping mostly through the night which is a HUGE plus for Ian and I. Thursday night when we stayed at Ian's mom's house she slept for six hours without waking for a feeding or diaper change...AMAZING child! She's started cooing alot, copying facial expressions and there's always lots of smiles from this little peanut! Everyone is enjoying her and we couldn't be happier.

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