Friday, May 8, 2009

Sleepy Girl zzzzZZZzz....

*Fynlee sure is a sleepy girl we have come to find but of course that is a given with a newborn :) When she is awake she is quite the happy girl! It sounds crazy but I feel like she has changed a lot in just the short time that she's been home. She's developing a personality and when this girl is hungry, you'd better drop everything and feed her because she plans to go to town *little chunker* Tuesday she had her first Dr visit with Dr. Kristin Ardnt. Things went very well and she is developing and gaining weight beautifully. Fynlee had her first big outing yesterday with mommy and grandma Susie; we ended up going into the salon to visit mommy's salon family and shopped around at the mall, we even hit up the Olive Garden. I was nervous at first to take her out all day but all she did was sleep in her stroller; what a great baby! Today we are just relaxing at home with daddy; happy to have him off today! We took a stroller ride this afternoon and sat and enjoyed the fresh air in the back yard!

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